The Story of Black and Caspian

Both Ahmet (35) & I (25) are young entrepreneurs who come from countries with rich culinary history. He’s from Turkey, carrying the legacy of the Black Sea, while I am from Azerbaijan, carrying the legacy of the Caspian Sea. Hence is the name, Black & Caspian Wine Bistro.


When Ahmet & I started initial talks about opening a restaurant, we knew immediately that this was what we really wanted to do – marry modern Mediterrranean food with wine. It is no surprise that when people think of Mediterranean food, they don’t automatically tie that to wine – which is something that we wanted to change. We wanted our food to pair perfectly with our wine and to create the perfect modern Mediterranean wine bistro that would make everyone feel home away from home.

Before our paths crossed in Chicago, Ahmet lived in Turkey and was running his own chain of restaurants and hotels, while I graduated from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland. I have lived in 5 different countries, and both Ahmet & I have travelled extensively. We also speak 5 languages each, which sometimes puts us in funny situations, but we do take pride in it. Our traditional culinary values were enriched by our international food & wine experiences as we accumulated more and more knowledge & experience to jump onto our own unique venture here in Chicago.

We started Black & Caspian with an extremely tight budget, but also a very big vision – to introduce our unique modern Mediterranean wine bistro concept to the world.

Black & Caspian is where we feel we can express ourselves with the food items that we incorporated from scratch, our meticulously chosen international wine portfolio and our Azerbaijani & Turkish hospitality.

Here at Black & Caspian, we simply love food, wine and, most importantly, people.

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Black & Caspian


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We stick to your mission, therefore, our restaurant is about so much more than just the food we serve – we stand for something that people can believe in.

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